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invented by Graham Bell and became an innovative tool
Moronis wireless
more from England to the United states
was deaf and ended up coming up with the telephone
Moroni was trying to come up with something for people that
ship to ship communication
In 1877 to 1900 period wireless was used primarily for Ship reasoning for
Henery Bessimer
developed a process to produce steal at a very low cost
Odis Elevator
created Elevators
Underground subway
Boston, Chicago, and San Francisco were the first ones to get an underground subway.
The action of coming to live permanently in foreign country.
The Irish goes through a potato scarcity
so they migrate to America and settle in areas like Boston and New York
they are fighting the south.
Irish get off on the boat and the they sign up and now
was going though the Industrial Revolution
Unification of Germany take place when the United States
because they didn't realize how far behind they were.
England was still number 1, but they were losing their place
get to America
The foreigners traveled on the deck of the ship to
to work.
Immigrants looked for a tenet house so that they would have somewhere
Because of a surplus of work
50 cents, after 12 hours a day/ 72 hours a week
The immigrants could rent a room out of a house
for $10 a month and they only had $2 left and they needed a roommate so they could have money.
Mattress -shared a bed with 3 people
The City Steps into place and has to change more things
for ships that couldn't use the bathroom.
Thomas crapper invited the toilet and he invited
Chamber Pot
to use bathroom and take chamber pot to a shoot upstairs
International Copyright Agreement
boom of literature
own economic affairs
Give women the right to take care of their
fell behind Germany in applied science education- engineering
Only college available to women were liberal Arts college
and women get pushed into 2nd level medical positions.
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