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Settling Oregon, Utah & California

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Great Britain
What were the two dangers that the Directory faced.
This is what initially drew men to Oregon.
Methodist ministers
These were the first Americans to seek permanent homes in Oregon.
Oregon Trail
settlers traveled from Missouri to Oregon territory to settle.
He first traced the route to Oregon.
July 4
Date by which all wagon trains wanted to reach Independence Rock.
caught in snow storms
This often happened to wagon trains that didn't reach Independence Rock in time.
extreme northern boundary of Oregon Territory
What is the significance of 54 degrees, 40 minutes?
British moved out
How Americans eventually won the Southern half of Oregon territory.
This religious group settled in Utah.
Religious freedom
What develops in Rhode Island partially because different leaders have the desire to protect their philosophy from the state?
Joseph Smith
Founder of Mormonism.
teachings and practices deeply offensive to most Americans
The reason Mormons had trouble settling in one place before they reached Utah.
What did Joseph Smith claim to see?
The Book of Mormon
Name of the book Smith wrote.
The practice being married to more than one wife at a time.
Brigham Young
The man who took over leadership of the Mormons after Smith was killed.
Salt Lake City
Where Young moved the Mormon community.
Young's planning skills.
Why the Mormon trek to Utah was successful.
Name given to their nation by Mormons.
This Spanish explorer claimed California in 1540.
Host to many gold rushes. Drafted a new constitution to apply for statehood and forbade slavery. Taylor accepted California which caused another controversy.
John Sutter
Swiss immigrant who built a famous fort in California.
James Marshall
Sutter's mechanic who made a famous discovery.
Name of the River that Sutter on which Sutter built his fort.
California Gold Rush
A period of time when people flocked to California for a chance to find a precious mineral.
The men who searched for gold called themselves this.
gold was discovered in California and thousands came to get rich
flocked to mining fields instead of fertile farm lands
How the Gold Rush shaped the settlement of the state.
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