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Whigs & Antebellum America

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Andrew Jackson
President from (1829-1833) and (1833-1837), Indian removal act, nullification crisis, Old Hickory," first southern/ western president," President for the common man, spoils system, trail of tears,
John Quincy Adams
Secretary of State to Monroe
Henry Clay
Distinguished senator from Kentucky, who ran for president five times until his death in 1852. He was a strong supporter of the American System, a war hawk for the War of 1812, Speaker of…
Jacksons vice-president
John c. Calhoun
Daniel Webster
Famous American politician and orator. he advocated renewal and opposed the financial policy of Jackson. Many of the principles of finance he spoke about were later incorporated in the Federal Reserve System. Would later push for a strong union.
Martin van Buren
As president he carried out the Indian removal policies made during Jackson's presidency. He ordered the forced removal of the Cherokees in what became known as the Trail of Tears.
William Henry Harrison
governor and military commander in the Indian Territory. He feared the growing strength of the Indian confederation.
Stephen F. Austin
founded a colony for Americans in Spanish Texas
Antonio Lopez De Santa Anna
Mexican president who led an army against Texas
Sam Houston
commander of the Texas army at the Battle of San Jacinto; later elected president of the Republic of Texas
James K Polk
President known for promoting Manifest Destiny.
Zachary Taylor
U.S. general who led the battle over the disputed territory of the Rio Grande
Elizabeth Candy Stanton
reformer who helped organize the first women's rights convention
Sojourner Truth
United States abolitionist and feminist who was freed from slavery and became a leading advocate of the abolition of slavery and for the rights of women
Manifest Denisty
belief that the U.S. was meant to expand from coast to coast
Whig party
political party formed by Henry clay, daniel Webster, and other Jackson dislikers
Jacksonian Democracy
Otherwise known as "mob rule"
Tariff of Abominations
1828 - Also called Tariff of 1828, it raised the tariff on imported manufactured goods. The tariff protected the North but harmed the South; South said that the tariff was economically discriminatory and unconstitutional bec…
Nullification Crisis
A crisis over the Tariff of 1828 (Tariff of Abominations), which was enormously unpopular in the South. Andrew Jackson's supporters pushed the tariff through Congress during John Quincy Adams's term, but when Jackson took off…
Indian Removal Act
Under Andrew Jackson's presidency; (1830) a congressional act that authorized the removal of Native Americans who lived east of the Mississippi River
Trail of Tears
(1838-39) an 800-mile forced march made by the Cherokee from their homeland in Georgia to Indian Territory; resulted in the deaths of almost one-fourth of the Cherokee people
to absorb into a culture
Panic of 1837
What was it called when banks and buisnesses failed, farmers lost land, And there was unemploymed factory workers?
a sustained increase in the price of goods and services over a period of time (think of an inflated balloon full of air)
Oregon Trail
settlers traveled from Missouri to Oregon territory to settle.
Battle of the Alamo
where Texans fought Santa Anna and his soldiers at an old mission church.
to add land to a counties territory
Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
Treaty that ended the Mexican War, granting the U.S. control of Texas, New Mexico, and California in exchange for $15 million
movement of people from one country or locality to another
California Gold Rush
A period of time when people flocked to California for a chance to find a precious mineral.
native-born American who wanted to eliminate foreign influence
Racism implies prejudice. Is based on negative feelings and stereotypes rather than reason.
person who leaves a country
A person who comes to live permanently in a foreign country
Seneca Falls Convention
the first women's right convention, held in Seneca Falls, New York
A person who wanted to end slavery
right to vote
Harriet Tubman
led many slaves to freedom on the Underground Railroad
Frederick Douglass
One of the most prominent african american figures in the abolitionist movement, escaped from slavery in maryland. He was a great thinker and speaker. Published his own antislavery newspaper called the north star and w…
Abraham Lincoln
16th President of the United States saved the Union during the Civil War and emancipated the slaves; was assassinated by Booth (1809-1865)
Jefferson Davis
Confederate President
Underground railroad
1830, Harriet Tubman, a system that helped enslaved African Americans follow a network of escape routes out of the South to freedom in the North
Compromise of 1850
Before the War, Gave North and South part of what they wanted. (1) California admitted as free state, (3) resolution of Texas-New Mexico boundaries, (5) slave trade abolished in DC, and (6) new fugitive s…
Fugitive Slave Act
Escaped slaves must be returned to masters (part of Compromise of 1850)
Kansas-Nebraska Act
1854 - Created Nebraska and Kansas as states and gave the people in those territories the right to chose to be a free or slave state through popular sovereignty.
Know Nothing Party
political party in the United States during the 1850's that was against recent immigrants and Roman Catholics
Confederate Sates of America
confederation formed in 1861 by the Southern States after their secession from the Union
Oregon Treaty
a treaty which settled a long dispute between America and Britain, over Britain hogging Oregon Territory
Women's Rights Movement
the effort to secure equal rights for women, and to remove gender discrimination from laws, institutions, and behavioral patterns
Mexican-American War
1846 - 1848 - President Polk declared war on Mexico over the dispute of land in Texas. At the end, American ended up with 55% of Mexico's land.
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