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Manifest Destiny Walkaway

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What was Manifest Destiny?
The belief that America had a God given right to extend from the Atlantic to the Pacific
epicenter of the enlightenment
What was The Alamo?
The battle in which Davy Crocket, Jiim Bowie and almost all the Texan defenders were killed?
What was the battle of San Jacinto?
The decisive battle in the Texan Revolution won by Sam Houston?
The commanders of the Corp of Discovery?
Who were William Clark & Meriwether Lewis?
What was the Louisiana Purchase?
A land purchase by the US from France that doubled the size of the US?
Who was Sacajawea?
The Shoshoni wife of Charboneau and mother of Jean Baptise, she translated and helped in the Lewis and Clark expedition?
What was the Battle of New Orleans?
A decisive victory (late in the game) during the War of 1812?
Who are warhawks?
Congressman who pushed for the US to declare war?
What was impressement?
The British act of forcing seaman (kidnapping) to fight/ sail for the British?
What was the embargo act?
An act which stopped all foreign imports and exports signed by President Thomas Jefferson?
Who was Tecumseh?
A Shawnee chief who led a Pan-American alliance of Native Americans, he coordinated with the British to stop American expansion?
Who was Francis Scott Keys?
The author of the National Anthem?
What was the War of 1812?
The war in which the Americans proved they were an equal nation on the world stage?
What was Canada?
What foreign nation did the United States invade during the War of 1812?
The purpose of the Corp of Discovery?
What is to create maps, find a route to the Pacific, explore the Northern territory acquired in the Louisiana Purchase & establish trade with Natives?
What was the Oregon trail?
The primary trail west to the Pacific?
The primary trail to the Southwest?
What was the Santa Fe trail?
Who was Brigham Young?
America's Moses he led the largest migration west?
What was the Mormon trail?
The trail by which the Mormons traveled west?
Who were the Forty-niners?
The nickname for the first wave of gold miners to California in 1949?
What was the Indian Removal Act?
An act passed in 1830 it forced all Indians East of the Mississippi to leave their native lands and travel west to Indian Territory, in modern Oklahoma?
Who was Andrew Jackson?
The hero of the Battle of New Orleans, he passed the Indian Removal Act?
What was the Trail of Tears?
The 800-mile forced march of the Cherokee from Georgia to the Indian Territory?
What is the main cause of the Mexican War?
A border dispute between the US and Mexico, Mexico wanting the Nueces River as the border and the US wanting the Rio Grande as the border?
What is the conditions for Americans to settle in Texas?
Must become a Mexican citizen, a Catholic and not own slaves?
What is the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo?
Got states like California, Nevada, and Utah from this treaty?
What is the affect of American victory in the Mexican War?
The US now stretches from sea to shining sea, the idea of Manifest Destiny flourished, and new trade routes and trails were formed?
to make a point or build a case (v)
an idea or point we prove (n)
The making of agreements by officials to establish the peace; used by the Congress of Vienna
to add land to a counties territory
people who have changed religion (n)
to get (v)
an area that was not yet a state
obvious, easy to see (adj)
events in the future, often thought to be already decided (n)
To give up or transfer, especially by treaty or formal agreement.
to make bigger (v)
growing larger
to absorb into a culture
fair, lawful, right (adj)
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