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Black Leadership Emerges in the South

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For what was Booker T. Washington known?
He was known for his support of Negro Colleges,
Hampton Institute in Hampton, Virginia
From what school did Booker T. Washington graduate?
What was the Tuskegee Institute? Who ran it?
The Tuskegee Institute was a vocational school in Tuskegee, Alabama which trained students in farming, carpentry, teaching or other useful jobs. The school was run by Booker T. Washington.
What is George Washington Carver best known for inventing?
Best known for inventing hundreds of uses for the peanut.
Where did Carver teach? What did he urge farmers to do?
He was a scientist and professor at Tuskegee Institute. He urged farmers to rotate crops with legumes which would add nutrients to the soil.
What did Carver learn about cotton?
He learned that cotton was removing valuable nutrients from the land causing the soil to be less productive.
From what plants did Carver invent hundreds of products?
He invented products from peanuts and sweet potato plants.
When was "Reconstruction"?
a period when the United States tried to mend the Union from c. 1865-1870.
Where was Lincoln assassinated?
He was assassinated at the Ford's Theatre while attending a play.
Who succeeded Lincoln as president? Did he support "Reconstruction"?
Andrew Johnson succeeded Lincoln as president and he did not support the Reconstruction.
What was the 13th amendment to the Constitution?
The 13th amendment was to free the slaves.
What was the 14th amendment to the Constitution?
The 14th amendment stated states could not restrict the rights of any person.
What was the 15th amendment to the Constitution?
The 15th amendment gave black males the right to vote.
Was "Reconstruction" successful? Why or why not?
Reconstruction was not successful because many states passed laws which segregated society. The South made "poll taxes" requiring blacks to pay a fee to vote.
George Washington Carver
Loved to read the Bible.
Booker T. Washington
Called on Blacks to seek economic opportunities rather that political rights
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