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First New Deal & Its Opposition

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Civil Works Administration
What did the CWA stand for?
November 1933
When was the CWA introduced?
Harry Hopkins
Head of the Federal Emergency Relief Act program.
What was the CWA?
- Given a budget of $400
June 1933
When was the Glass-Steagall Act introduced?
What was the PWA?
Created 13,000 schools and 50,000 miles of roads
Why was the PWA different to the CWA?
The CWA was very aggressive in its spending (Hopkins spent 50 million with 7 hours) Whereas the PWA was much more conservative spending only 116 million within the first 6 months
Did Robespierre believe in the general will as the source of all law like Roussaeu?
'The new deal is Chris's deal'
What did father Charles Coughlin Call the new deal?
Why was Coughlin so influential?
Radio Show which atracted 35 million listeners
What did Coughlin accuse roosevelt of?
Accused Roosevelt of being influenced by major bankers
Why did he loose his influence?
He became anti semantic and began to favour fascist governments such as Mussolini
Who was Huey P.Long?
A senator who was a critic of roosevelt despite being in his party
What was the Share Our wealth campaign and when was it Launched?
launched in 1934 it promised to redistribute wealth and promised a minimum wage of $2500 a year to all workers.
He was assassinated in September 1935
How and when was Huey Long killed?
What impact did Long have on Roosevelt?
Some argue that it was long that resulted in more radical aspects of the new deal
Dr Francis Townsend
Who pushed for pensions to be introduced in the run up to the 1936 election?
What did the Pension Entail?
All people over the age of 60 should be given $200 provided they spent it within 30 days
Why was this beneficial for the economy?
This would mean that it would increase spending and help rejuvenate the economy
Who founded the EPIC organisation and what did it mean?
The EPIC organisation was founded in 1934 by Upton Sinclair and stood for End Poverty In California
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