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Postwar Years at Home

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per capita income
Average annual income per person
Corporation made up of three or more unrelated businesses - Rico
A business that contracts to offer certain goods and services from a larger parent company (p 669) Colin
A tiny circuit device that amplifies, controls, and generates electrical signals. (invented 1947). Merhawi
Baby Boom
Dramatic increase in birthrate, especialy in the years following WWII. - Marc
Dr. Benjamin Spock
Was a 1950's doctor who told the whole baby boom generation how to raise their kids. He also
Type of music that grew out of rhythm-and-blues. People like Chuck Berry and Elvis Presley made this type of music. KELSEY
Anti-conformists. Young poets, writers, and artists, criticized business and middle class society. Increase in juvenile deliquincy
Jack Kerouac
A key author of the Beat movement whose best selling novel, On the Road that stressed an unrestricted (spontaneous) lifestyle.
Tarft-Hartley Act
outlawed the closed shops (forced into union or else cant work
Modern Republicanism
Ike`s approach to "dynamic conservation" ex. cutting spending, reducing taxes, and balancing the budget -Abby
National Aeronautic and Space Administration - a US government agency in charge of the space program
National Defense
Provided funds for education and training in science, math ,and foreign languages.
Education Act
its goal was to decrease illiteracy; it was created by the liberals (Gladstone); it created a national
Richard M. Nixon
Eisenhower's vice presidential running mate
Checkers Speech
Given by Richard Nixon on September 23, 1952, when he was the Republican candidate for the Vice
rock and roll
New style of music first embraced by young people in the 1950s
3 or more unrelated comp coming together
ridding the computer of errors
Federal- aid highway act
25 billion to make an interstate highway
the social and economic transition from wartime to peace -Stuart (pg. 680)
Taft-Hartley Act
Law passed congress in 1947 that allowed the President to declare an 80 day cooling-off period when strikes impact industries that affected the National interest, and required strikes to return to work while government condu…
national defense act
designed to improve science and math to compete with the soviet union education
Ray Kroc
started mcdonalds
John L. Lewis
The driving force behind finding the CIO
Dr. Jonas Salk
Created the polio vaccine
JD Salinger
Wrote " the catcher in the rye"
Thomas E. Dewey
lost the election to truman
Dr. Albert Sabin
created the oral vaccine for polio
Elvis Presely
King of Rock and Roll
Dwight Eisenhower
Supreme Commander of the Allied forces in Europe during World War II leader of troops in Africa and commander in D-Day invasion. President in the 1950s
created Levittowns
William J. Levitt
Richard Nixon
1969-1964; Republican; Ended Vietnam War; Recognized China/ Watergate scandal; First president to resign
Billy Graham
Did religious tv broadcasts
harry truman
Became president when FDR died; gave the order to drop the atomic bomb
Adali Stevenson
Us presidential candidate in 1952 lost to Dwight Eisenhower
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