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Historiography: Cuban Missile Crisis

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Soviet Foreign Minister: Andrei Gromyko
Claimed the deployment of missiles were a result of 'the very sharp, aggressive stand of the Kennedy administration concerning th enew Cuba'
'in addition to protecting Cuba, our missiles would have equalised what the West likes to call 'the balance of power'
Orthodox/traditionalists eg Arthur Schlesinger Jr, insideres like Theodor Sorensen (pro-Kennedy)
Argue that the missiles were an intolerable provocation and that Kennedy responded due to a desire to defend legitimate security needs, to preserve NATO and show american credibility. quarantine was a successful strategy and Ken…
Revisionists: I.F. Stone, Ronald Steel
Argue that Kennedy with his background attacking the Eisenhower administration for the loss of Cuba risked a war over Cuba for domestic political gains. Confrontation would make it possible to get the missiles out be…
Khrushchev (revenge)
'the Americans had surrounded our country with missile bases and threatened us with nuclear weapons and now they would learn just what it feels like to have enemy missiles pointing at you '
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