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U.S. Involvement & Escalation

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Tim O Brien
a novelist who has written several books about his experience in vietnam and its lasting effects. he talked about the nerve racking experiences of walking through fields and jungles rigged with land mines and booby traps
Barry Goldwater
candidate against Johnson in the 1964 elections
Robert McNamara
One of the Americans who helped create the Kennedy administration's Vietnam policy. McNamara (republican) became one of Kennedy's closest advisors on Vietnam, being the secretary of defense. Alex pg 794
Dean Rusk
the Secretary of State during the Vietnam war
George Ball
Undersecretary of State that argued against escalation, warning that once on the tiger's back, we cannot be sure of picking the place to dismount
William Westmoreland
General of American forces in Vietnam
Army of the Republic of Vietnam
the forces in South Vietnam; Westmoreland did not think that they were a strong enough army to defend South Vietnam without assistance in the incoming war
Nguyen Quot
a major of the Vietcong army that said the more the Americans tried to drive us away from our land, the more we burrowed into it. saying how they used elusive tunnels to move around.
Salvador Gonzalez
a specialist fourth class soldier who sent tragic news to his sister about unexploded U.S. bomb that the North Vietnamese army had rigged
War of Attrition
A war where both sides are roughly equally matched so victory comes only with wearing the other side down by constant attacks and heavy losses
Edward G Landsdale
he helped found the fighting unit known as the U.S. Army Special Forces, or green berets. he stressed the plan of winning the hearts and minds of the people.
bombs on forests - made hard for Viet Cong to hide
Agent Orange
spray on Vietnamese jungles; killed environment, making it harder for Viet Cong to hide; Caused cancer in many soldiers
Search and Destroy Missions
uprooting civilians with suspected ties to the Vietcong and destroying their homes and property
Philip Caputo
a marine lieutenant in Vietnam who later wrote several books about the war, summarized the soldiers growing disillusionment.
Nguyen Cao Ky
a flamboyant air marshall, who led the gov from 65-67, ignored U.S. pleas to retire in favor of an elected civilian government.
Gerald Coffee
a navy pilot who was shot down and was kept a prisoner of war under the war ended in 73
Credibility gap
this was growing because of the difference between reports from the LBJ administration and TV footage of the Vietnam War
J William Fulbright
a critic of what was really happeneing was this senator who was chairman of the powerful senate foreign relations committee. he charged johnson with a lack of candor in portraying the war effort.
improvised explosive device
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