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the religion of the Muslims, a monotheistic faith regarded as revealed through Muhammad as the Prophet of Allah.
Who founded Islam in Arabia?
Charles Martel
the Frankish commander for the battle of Tours. He defeated the Muslimsin the Battle of Tours, allowing Christianity to survive throughout the Dark Ages. He in a way started Feudalism by giving land to…
Who was tolerant towards Christians and Jews?
The Pope
The most powerful force that helped spread Christianity into northern Europe.
What was the only place the Muslims controlled by the late 1400s?
Ferdinand and Isabella
What two Christian rulers married in 1469 and merged their kingdoms?
true Christian
What did it take to be a "true" Spaniard?
convert or leave
What were Jews told under Ferdinand and Isabella's rule?
Persecuted and charged with heresy
What happened to the Jews when officials did not believe they converted?
the year Columbus discovered the Americas
What year were Muslims told that they must "convert or leave?"
2,000 men and women
How many people were executed due to trials for heresy?
Religiously united
What happened to Spain after all Jews and Muslims were gone?
Economic loss for Spain
How was Spain effected since exiled Muslims and Jews were leaders in business and trade?
Where does Ferdinand eventually capture when Spain's modern borders were established?
Christian leaders' effort to retake the Iberian peninsula from the Moors
Aragon and Castile
What two kingdoms merged to create Spain?
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