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Enlightenment Ideas: the Roots of Revolution

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Ancien régime
Social structure of France mean "old order"
Louis XVI
king, clueless, bad decisions, tries to escape
Social classes
1st estate
1% consisted of the Roman Catholic Church, Higher and lower Clergy! Did not pay taxes.
2nd estate
Nobility (wealthy) less than 2% of population, but owns 25% of land. Paid no taxes, held highest offices in gov't
3rd estate
Common people, paid heavy taxes, rented land they worked on, paid tithe; national assembly
Bourgeoise, sans culottes, peasants.
Three groups that make up the 3rd estate
Business class, highly educated and wealthy, city merchants and business owners
Artisans and working class
Most important to the French Revolution
Sans culottes
W/ out knee breeches. Peasants who had to work in fields. Had to pay rent to work farms. 1/10 of wealth went to 1st estate
Money paid to churches
Palace where Louis XVI lives with Mary Antoinette
Where is Mary Antoinette from
Locke and Rosseau
Two most influential philosophers during this time
Adam Smith
Scottish economist who advocated private enterprise and free trade (1723-1790), wrote "wealth of Nations"
Idea that the government shouldn't play an active role in regulating the economy.
Estates General
legislative body consisting of representatives from all three Estates
list of grievances
National Assembly
renamed from 3rd estate
Tennis courts
Where does the National Assembly meet when Louis locks them out
symbolic start to revolution on July 14th 1789, stormed Bastille for weapons
Declaration of the rights of man
French Document inspired by many other constitutions- attempt to institute equality- inspired by the French revolution
What was the DRM inspired by
American Declaration of Independence english bill of rights philosophes and enlightenment thoughts
French political club that was represented in the National Assembly. Most popular club during the revolution. Wanted to execute the king, a powerful centralized government.
Liberty equality fraternity
3 principles laid out for the French Revolution
French political club leading the National Assembly, named for the department in southwestern France where many members came from. Favored starting a revolutionary war to free people living in absolutist states. Wanted to simply e…
The Plain
Group in the middle of the Convention who were not directly tied to either the Jacobins or the Girondins.
Jean Paul murat
Jacobins lead by
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