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French Revolution

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King Louis XVI
The king of France during the revolution.
The very unpopular Austrian-born queen of France.
Ancien régime
Social structure of France mean "old order"
The Second Estate
The nobles of France. They were rich, landowners and paid no tax.
The Third Estate
Made up from all the workers in France; from wealthy doctors to poor farmers.
Middle Class, merchants, doctors, lawyers, teachers
Estates- General
the legislative body before the French Revolution, made up of representatives from the Three Estates whose original purpose was to give advice to the kind and approve new taxes
National Assembly
renamed from 3rd estate
Tennis Court Oath
Oath between the members of the Third Estate in which they promised to continue to meet until a new constitution was established.
symbolic start to revolution on July 14th 1789, stormed Bastille for weapons
Those who do not wear fancy pants. A rather radical part of the French Revolution.
National Guard
An armed force made up of ordinary French people to help the revolution.
Declaration of the rights of man
French Document inspired by many other constitutions- attempt to institute equality- inspired by the French revolution
Liberty, Equality and Fraternity (Brotherhood)
The 3 main principals of the French Revolution.
The new flag of France created by the revolutionaries.
The Civil Constitution of the Clergy
Laws brought in by the revolution reducing the power and wealth of the Church.
French town on the border of the Netherlands where Louis and his family were caught.
a government ruled by elected representatives instead of a monarch
Constitutional Monarchy
government established under William and Mary after they signed the English Bill of Rights (their power was limited)
Where is Mary Antoinette from
French political club that was represented in the National Assembly. Most popular club during the revolution. Wanted to execute the king, a powerful centralized government.
Maximilien Robespierre
led raid of terror and committee of public safety
Reign of Terror
the historic period (1793-94) during the French Revolution when thousands were executed
A machine used to behead people; it was suppose to make death quick and painless
Napoleon Bonaparte
French emperor who first gained power after being caused to break up a royalist rebellion in Paris, protecting the Directory (which he eventually got rid of). Also, a former Jacobin.
The First Estate
The clergy (Priests and Bishops). They paid no tax.
Estates General
legislative body consisting of representatives from all three Estates
close a meeting
Marie Antoinette
Louis XVI's wife, thought to have said "Let them eat cake"
An island of Italy in the Mediterranean Sea where Napoleon was first exiled to.
-Ney, Wellington (Englishmen)
Louis XVI
king, clueless, bad decisions, tries to escape
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