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French Revolution & the Napoleonic Age

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French Revolution
influenced by Enlightenment ideas and the American Revolution
Estates- General
the legislative body before the French Revolution, made up of representatives from the Three Estates whose original purpose was to give advice to the kind and approve new taxes
Tennis Court Oath
Oath between the members of the Third Estate in which they promised to continue to meet until a new constitution was established.
First Estate
Churchman or clergy
Second Estate
The second class of French society made up of the noblility
Third Estate
Bourgeoisies, middle class, peasants
Declaration of the rights of man
French Document inspired by many other constitutions- attempt to institute equality- inspired by the French revolution
Louis XVI
king, clueless, bad decisions, tries to escape
Marie Antoinette
Louis XVI's wife, thought to have said "Let them eat cake"
Old Regime
The Political and Social system that existed in France before the French Revolution
Great Fear
During the French Revolution, a period filled with rumors about the nobility ganging up on the peasants. This resulted in massive attacks on noble estates. Led to the aristocrats renouncing their feudal rights.
Bastille Day
celebration in France to celebrate when people stormed the Bastile and is recognized as the start of the French Revolution
A machine used to behead people; it was suppose to make death quick and painless
radicals led by Maximilian Robespierre
Maximilien Robespierre
led raid of terror and committee of public safety
The Reign of Terror
40,000 people died during the Reign of Terror and Robespierre was behind it. The engine of the Terror was the guillotine.
Middle Class, merchants, doctors, lawyers, teachers
National Assembly
renamed from 3rd estate
Liberty, equality, and fraternity
Motto of the French Revolution
Napoleon Bonaparte
French emperor who first gained power after being caused to break up a royalist rebellion in Paris, protecting the Directory (which he eventually got rid of). Also, a former Jacobin.
Code Napoleon
Napoleon's set of laws that declared that all men are equal before the law
Congress of Vienna
-peace settlement 1814-1815
continental system
Napoleon's efforts to block foreign trade with England by forbidding Importation of British goods Into Europe.
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