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Anti-Urbanism & Utopianism

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perfect world (ideally perfect to quality of life, politics, laws, customs, and conditions)
B horizon
subsoil; contains fine clay particles washed out of the A horizon
Commodity Chain Approach
The notion of the Commodity and Product Chain is central to conceptualizing all the device actors involved in production.
Governmental Control
bureaucratic control, society is controlled by mindless government through paper work, red tape, regulations, or incompetent officials
planetary albedo
making best guess about planets. Ratio of amount of light the planet reflects back into space vs. amount of light that is received.
Technological Control
controlled by technology(ex-computers, tvs, robots, etc.)
Philosophical or Religious Control
controlled by myths, symbols with mystical quality or a figurehead who is worshipped
Parts of Dystopian Fiction
.Social control system-active and passive coercion
let it alone
What does laissez-faire mean?
Adam Smith, "The Wealth of Nations"
Whose ideas were the basis of Capitalism? and what did he write?
What is the underlying belief of Capitalism?
if individuals follow their own self-interest the world will be a prosperous place.
How does Capitalism work?
people will automatically make products to sell and buyers will spend money on the things they want. The government should not interfere.
What were Thomas Malthus' beliefs?
he believed that the population growth will outpace the food suply and that war, disease or famine could control the population. The poor should have less children to avoid suffering.
What did David Ricardo write and believe?
He wrote "Iron Law of Wages" and thought that when wages are high, workers have more children and the standard of living never improves. Having more children create a large labor surplus that depresses wa…
Utilitarianism is the belief that
the goals of society is the greastest good for the greatest # (Laws should be useful) There is a role to play for government intervention to provide some social safety net. Individuals have freedoms
Who promoted Utilitarianism?
Jeremy Bentham and John Stuart Mill
What were Socialism and Utopianism?
the people as a whole rather than individuals should own all property and operate all businesses. These were farms, factories, railways, and other large businesses.
Robert Owen's Utopia did what?
tried to build perfect communities where all work was shared and all property was owned in common
What is Communism?
The proletariat (working class people or "have nots" should operate and own the means of production not the "haves" or the rich.
Karl Marx
Who was the promoter of the Communism Theory?
What was the goal of Communism?
the goal was a classless society where wealth and power were shared equally among all (no rich or poor)/
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