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Community & Gentrification

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a place where people live, work, and play
Contour interval
vertical distance separating two adjacent contour lines
The physical improvement resource
cardinal directions
the directions north, east, south, and west
intermediate direction
a direction halfway between two cardinal directions
relating to or concerned with a city or densely populated area
a residential district located on the outskirts of a city
an area that is far from a city and has farms or open space
a way of getting from one place to another
a natural feature found on land
to change the way you live
the third theme of geography as defined by the Geography Educational National Implementation Project; and area on the Earth's surface marked by a degree of formal, functional, or perceptual homogeneity of some phenomenon
a broad, level area of land
a broad, flat area of land higher than the surrounding land
natural resource
a material found in nature that people use
Map Scale
What part of a map would you use to find the distance between two points?
a natural resource that is not a plant or an animal
nonrenewable resource
a natural resource that cannot be replaced
to reuse a product and turn it into something that can be used again
A State
defined as a body of people living in a particular area who are organized politically under a government. Strictly a political entity. Has a permanent population, a government, artificial political boundaries/ territory, and is recognized by other states.
a place to store water
a long wall made of dirt or concrete built next to a river or a lake to prevent flooding
Where is it located?
West London, in Chelsea and Kensington
What is the area known for?
Notting Hill Carnival and Portabello Road Market
Slum landlords and inner-city deprivation
What was it known for in the 50s?
What happened in 1958?
The scene of race riots
The houses have secluded communal gardens.
Why is it now a popular area for families?
What is different about the architecture?
A wide variety of modern and old, of different sizes
The film Notting Hill
What helped it to become a more glamorous area?
What is said about the type of people who live there?
It is considered the best place to spot celebrities in London.
Not working class. This is criminal class
What was social position described as in the 1960's by a school teacher?
What sparked off gentrification in the area?
The abolition of rent control in 1957
Very little diversity, segregation of the classes
What impact has it had on the demographic?
What disparity is there in the area?
In social housing live some of London's poorest 5%
Mid 18th centuary
when was it a country hamlet?
The industrialisation
brought workers from the countryside. landlords built tiny terraced houses to rent to them
In Victorian times
Nottinghill was a rough working class area
a slum. inner city deprivation
riots occurred
in 1958 and 1976
Poole, South West UK
Before gentrification
Run down, locals cant get jobs, derelict housing and underage drinking
Local developers.
Gentrified by who
How was it gentrified
Housing was renovated and pubs/clubs and cafe's where built such as the Red Rooster. Some pubs such as The Cow were made over 21's only.
400,000 plus
House prices now?
Housing Abandonment has been a major problem since? And Where?
Where: Inner city neighbourhoods in North East USA since the 1960s
White flight.
Principle reasons behind large-scale housing abandonment were:
When does housing abandonment occur?
if the housing unit becomes a liability to the owner, brings in no rental income but generating taxes, the owner may halt payment of taxes due and in effect abandon the building to the city
St. Louis, Missouri
Name one city that had the highest housing abandonment rate in the US in 1970
What is Gentrification
Process of socio-spatial change where the rehabilitation of residential property in a working-class neighbourhood by relatively affluent incomers leads to the displacement of former residents unable to afford the increased costs of housing that accompany regeneration
What does gentrification involve?
Residential relocation by people ALREADY living in the city
1950s largely in London and NY
When did cities begin to experience gentrification?
containment building
fuel rods and control rods are immersed in water in a thick sealed reactor vessel that is housed here.
Most gentrified cities?
London, Atlanta, Washington, Boston, VanCan, France
What is a Rent Gap
The difference between potential ground rent and actual ground rent (PGR vs. AGR)
How does the rent gap affect gentrification?
When the rent gap is big, it will, in theory become gentrified
How is abandonment and gentrification related?
related processes in a cycle of neighbourhood change
How are the two concepts different?
Gentrification creates social conflicts, is a circular process
What was the 2008 financial crisis?
The collapse of the American economy-considered to be one of the biggest financial crisis since the great depression
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