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Definitions of Global & World Cities

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world city
Centers of economic, culture, and political activity that are strongly interconnected and together control the global systems of finance and commerce.
Smaller earthquake(s) occurring after a main earthquake
Neglect of the historical experiences of countries in the differentiated Global South in theoretical frameworks. For example, the legacies and influence of colonial political and economic structures are ignored in studies of social change situ…
biological activity
the activities of organisms, including plants, burrowing animals, and humans that can cause mechanical and chemical weathering
the integration between different countries and economies and the increased impact of international influences or all aspects of life and economic activity
Hierarchy of settlement
When settlements are placed in order according to size or the number of goods and services supplied by them. It has a pyramid shape as because there are more small settlements than large ones.
Cities, mostly characteristic of the developing world, with high population growth and migration. All megacities have more than 10 million people
Primate pattern of settlement
Where the largest settlement is much more than twice the size of the second largest settlement in an area. E.g. Peru with Lima.
Being a global citizen and custodian. Everyone has the responsibility for the welfare of the world, its organisms and its people.
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