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Layers of the Atmosphere

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This is a mixture of gases that surrounds Earth. In addition to containing the oxygen you need to breathe, it protects you from the sun's damaging rays and is always changing.
troposphere, statosphere, mesosphere, thermosphere
4 main layers of the atmosphere (low to high)
troposphere (location)
the layer of the atmosphere that is located nearest to the Earth's surface.
stratosphere (location)
the layer of the atmosphere located just above the troposphere and below the mesosphere.
mesosphere (location)
the layer of the atmosphere located just above the stratosphere and below the thermosphere.
thermosphere (location)
This is the upper atmospheric layer. In this layer temperature increases with altitude. The temperatures in this layer can reach 1,000 degrees Celsius (around 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit). Even though the temperature is very hig…
the gas that is 78% or earths atmosphere; the most abundant gas in our atmosphere
the gas that is 21% of the earth's atmosphere; critical for animal life.
This is a form of oxygen that is high in the atmosphere. It shields living things from much of the harmful radiation given off by the sun.
Air Pressure
This is the measure of the force with which air molecules push on a surface. It is strongest at the Earth's surface because more air is above you. As you move farther away from…
It is the coldest part of the atmosphere and meteors burn up in this layer.
Layer with clam, steady winds that contains the ozone layer
where satellites orbit, has the hottest temperatures and where the northern lights (aurora borealis) is located
It is where most weather occurs, it is the layer that interacts the most with living things (biotic factors), has the highest air pressure, where most greenhouse gases are
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