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Physical Geography of the United States & Canada

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a Native American that belonged to the Shosone tribe that helped Lewis and Clark on their journey. She translated for them
shapes on Earth's surface, such as hills or mountains
a large ice mass that moves slowly down a mountain or over land
The physical improvement resource
river system
a river and all the tributaries that flow into it
The atmospheres condition at a given time and place with respect to temperate, moisture, wind, and barometric pressure
any form of water that falls from clouds and reaches Earth's surface
The average weather that occurs in a given region over a long period-typically over several decades
all the plant life in a particular region
Appalachian Mountains
a mountain system in eastern North America
Great Plains
vast grassland between the Mississippi river and the rocky mountains
Rocky Mountains
the major mountain range in western North America
Inter-mountain Region
located between the Rockies and the cascades and Sierra Nevada: area with high plateaus with deep canyons, isolated mountain ranges and desert basins
Polar and Tundra
a vast, level, treeless plain in the arctic regions. The ground beneath the surface of the tundras is frozen even in summer
the establishment and exploitation by a stronger country of weaker one.
Rain Forest
dense forest that receives high amounts of rain each year
land where grass or grass-like vegetation grows and is the dominant form of plant life
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