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Warm Polymictic Lakes
Continually mixing through the summer and is only inversely stratified during the winter due to ice cover.
Cold Polymictic Lakes
Stratify in the summer and continually mix during the winter because they don't freeze over (like the bigger Finger lakes in New York).
Oligomictic Lakes
Lakes that mix sometimes but not every year. These lakes are really driven by specific weather that occurs that year.
Kettle Lakes
Large block of ice that falls off a glacier and melts, forming a hole then filling with water. (usually very round)
Glacial Scour Lakes
Example is the Finger lakes in New York.
Paternoster Lakes
A chain of lakes that develop in a valley with glacial steps. Often each step will have a lake, connected to the lake on the step below by a stream.
Graben (Rift) Lakes
A tectonic lake caused by ground sinking. They are deep, steep sided, flat bottomed, oligotrophic lakes.
RD enviro conditions that make RD best
Volcanic Lakes
Volcanically formed lakes.
Solution Lakes
Formed by the dissolution of limestone deposits.
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