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Politics of the Roaring Twenties

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Why did America move toward isolationism?
They feared outsiders to the American life
Americans were afraid.
How did Americans react to the perceived threat of communism?
To find the source of a perceived revolution
Why did Attorney-General Palmer launch a series of raids against suspected Communists?
People thought that they were mistreated in the court
Why were so many people upset about the Sacco and Vanzetti case?
Because he was a political radical and a foreigner
According to Vanzetti, what were the reasons for his imprisonment?
Why did the US limit immigration?
So to Keep America for Americans
It was an excuse to harass any group that was not "American"
How did the anti-immigration sentiment strengthen the Ku Klux Klan's attack on ethnic and religious minorities?
To keep America under the control of white, native-born males.
What were the main goals of the Ku Klux Klan at this time?
They did not want foreigners in the US.
How did the Ku Klux Klan regard foreign-born Americans?
What was the quota system?
It established the maximum number of people who could enter the US from each foreign country
Why did Congress make changes in immigration laws during the 1920's?
There were more immigrants entering the US and Americans didn't want these people to enter.
Why did conflict between labor and management increase after the war?
Employers didn't want to give raises or allow workers join labor unions.
Why did the public opinion turn against strikers?
The public believed the strikes were apart of a revolution against the US.
Immigrants were willing to work for low wages.
Why did labor union membership decline in the 1920's?
He didn't like the reforms. He wanted normalcy.
What was Harding's attitude towards the reforms of the Progressive Era?
Why was the Kellogg-Briand Pact ineffective?
The treaty could not be enforced.
How did Harding's tax policy on imports affect Britain and France and the war debt issue?
It made a situation where Britain and France could not pay their debt to the US
Germany failed to pay them the money due
What were the reasons European countries were not paying their war debts?
How did Harding's friends damage his presidency?
The govt lost money.
How did the scandals of the Harding administration hurt the country economically?
All the pressure from the scandals.
How did the corruption scandals contribute to Harding's death?
How did the automobile change American life?
The car became the backbone of the American economy.
What was the impact of the automobile?
Jobs in construction, gas stations, shopping centers, and motels
How did the widespread use of the automobile affect the environment and lives of Americans?
Making roads and allowing farmers to go to the cities, average workers could also live far away from the job.
Weather forecasting, radios, navigational equipment, larger planes.
What advances were made in the airplane industry during the postwar years?
It allowed average Americans to buy more things.
What role did credit play in the American economy in the 1920's?
How did the use of electricity affect American's lifestyle?
Almost every machine used electricity. Electricity was in the cities and farms.
It made Americans want more stuff.
What role did mass advertising play in the American economy in the 1920's?
Textiles and steel manufacturing
What businesses did not do well in the 1920's?
Why did American farmers suffer during the 1920's?
They were producing more food than was needed and this drove prices down.
Why did these businesses not do well?
They made too much of their stuff, when that happens prices go down
Everything was bought on credit
How did the installment plan fuel a superficial prosperity?
What were the main advantage (plus) and disadvantage (minus) of buying on credit?
Plus is people could buy goods they could not otherwise afford. Minus is people could go far into debt without realizing it.
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