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Formation of Public Policy

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He said "If you like laws and sausages you should never watch either one being made."
Our legislative system encourages __________.
__________ are made through a slow and cumbersome process that gives interested groups opportunities to influence the final version of the law or kill the bill outright.
quid pro quo
Former legislators are often hired as lobbyists for their personal connections and perhaps to reward them for favorable votes, though an actual __________ arrangement would be illegal.
Special interest groups
__________ represent many causes and economic interests. Examples include environmental groups, trade associations, labor unions, ideological groups, ethnic advocacy groups, veterans' groups, senior citizens' groups, and other groups.
Voters in a political unit, such as a nation, state, county, or parish, represented by an office-holder such as a President, Senator, Congressman, Mayor, Governor, Commissioner, City Council Member, or School Board Member. Ough…
__________ is the most important means of influence in politics.
Voting bloc
Like-minded constituents may vote for a party or candidate in large enough numbers to influence decisions.
Political __________ are a new form of media.
__________ praising or attacking candidates and elected officials may affect decisions.
Campaign volunteer labor
Working on a political campaign may influence elected officials.
Known for waiting in the lobbies of congress to see law-makers. Professionals at influencing politicians. May be hired by special interest groups, labor unions, foreign governments, or large businesses. Regulated by federal & Louisiana law.
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