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Democracy as a Political Idea

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What does SMELLI stand for?
What's an authoritarian?
Favoring strict obedience to authority. (upper left)
What's a libertarian?
A person who believes in free will. (bottom right)
Group of men who "directly" discussed issues for the citizens of Ancient Greece
Why did Pericles argue Athenian democracy was so great?
Because there no class barriers and people are wiling to fight bc it's their own government.
Democracy. A government where the majority are middle class.
What type of government did Aristotle argue would be the best?
executive branch
Branch of government that enforces the laws
Declares independence.
What does the Declaration of Independence do? To who is it addressed?
What type of government did Thomas Paine support? Why?
A democracy because the people are represented, it is small, representatives are elected, and it is simple.
No taxes, no standing army. States would retain most power
What were some of the problems with the Articles of Confederation?
How did the government established by the U.S. Constitutuion differ from the Articles of Confederation?
The articles of confederation said that all states were under one central government, and all states had equal power.
Why did the Federalists support the constitution?
It gave power to the national government
Why did the Anti-Federalist oppose the Constituition? What did they want to change?
They wanted a strong state government. They wanted to add bill of rights.
Bill of Rights
What were some of the changes the Anti-Federalist wanted to be made to the constitution?
A person who believes that the government should have a lot of control in determining moral policies such as regulating abortions and marriage would be considered?
Lower right
On the political compass map, Libertarians would fall into which quadrant of the map?
Which group wanted a Bill of Rights added to the constitution?
Which Middle Eastern country that was involved in the Arab Spring has had the most successful experience in achieving democratic reforms?
Which ancient political thinker praised democracy because it allowed every citizen to participate, whether he was rich or poor?
The common people
In the Roman Republic, what group did the plebeian council represent?
Middle Class
Which group did Aristotle believe was essential to nay well functioning government?
Thomas Paine
This thinker supported democracy because it was a simple form of government and thus it would be easy to overturn bad laws or replace bad representatives
Economic liberal
A person who purposes that rich people should have to pay a higher tax rate on their income is an?
Athenian democracy
In which form of government was it relatively quick and easy to pass laws?
Lower left
A person who supports both government run health care and is supportive of the legalization of marijuana would fit into which quadrant on the political compass map?
Under the Articles of Confederation, the government had how many branches of government?
Both parents were born there, male
In Ancient Athenian democracy, you had to meet which two requirements in rode to be a citizen with voting rights?
In a what government are there guaranteed protections for individual liberties?
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