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Elections & Democracy

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An election is a device by which popular votes can be converted into seats awarded to representatives or parties, or used to elect single office-holders or political leaders.
A mandate is the authority granted to a candidate or party to implement its manifesto commitments. The mandate is normally granted by election.
Strong government
Strong government refers to a government that can rely upon a strong majority of support in Parliament and so is able to carry through its own legislation and other proposals.
Stable government
Stable government refers to a government that is likely to remain in office without serious crises. Such a government will probably not become divided or fall from power before its term of office is complete.
Majoritarian representation
Majoritarian representation is any system which guarantees that a government or a single individual is elected by an overall majority of voters. This applies to the SV and AV systems.
Party system
A party system is a characteristic of a political system which describes how many parties win significant representation. Systems may be dominant party, two party, three party or multi-party.
Electoral reform
Electoral reform is any process which involves changing the electoral system and thus effecting changes in the political system.
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