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Greece: Architecture, Democracy & the Olympics

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Very old
Major city in Greece where Democracy began
a form of government in which ultimate responsibility for the exercise of power rests with the majority of the people
Representative democracy
a government in which people elect delegates tomake laws and conduct government.
Direct Democracy
A form of government in which citizens rule directly and not through representatives.
Classical Orders
The columns used in Greek Architecture. They were used to hold up the heavy stones roofs often found in many buildings in Ancient Greece
3 Types of Columns
Doric Orders (Columns)
Plain columns with no designs. The top of the columns are very plain
Ionic Orders (Columns)
Columns that are a little fancy and a little plain. They often have scrolls at the top
Corinthian Orders (Columns)
Columns that are very fancy, especially at the tops of them.
Started Representative form of Democracy in Rome
- wealthy men (no poor/slaves/women)
Who were members of the Assembly?
Where Olympic Games began
The Greek God who the first Olympic games honored
Medals: gold/silver/bronze
Awards given in Modern Olympic Games
Foot race
First game in the Ancient Olympics
-Every 4 years
How often are the Olympic games held?
The Agora
Place where the Assembly discussed issues in Ancient, Greece
The Capitol
Place where our government discusses issues in Washington, DC
Group of men who "directly" discussed issues for the citizens of Ancient Greece
776 B.C.
About when first Olympics were held
When the "modern" Olympics started
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