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Treaty of Versailles

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Loss of territory
13% of land lost to France, Poland and Czechoslovakia
Military restrictions
army reduced to 100,000 men
Germany accepts loses and damages of the war
War guilt clause
Germany had to accept sole responsibility for starting the war
Reaction in Germany
Most Germans hated it. They felt they had been 'stabbed in the back' by the 'November criminals' of the Weimar Republic who agreed to the armistice and who signed the treaty
Big Three who drew up the treaty
Woodrow Wilson (US)Lloyd George (UK) George Clemenceau(France)
June 1919
date of the treaty
Hall of Mirrors
where German delegates reluctantly signed the treaty
Kapp Putsch
failed attempt by right wing nationalists to take over government shortly after treaty was signed
name given to treaty in Germany because it was presented as a 'take it or leave it' dictated document
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