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European Union

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UN Commission of Refugees
(signed 1943, began 1945)
Yalta Conference & Postdam
The Marshall Plan
(declared June 1947, began 1948)
(established April 1948)
Organization for European Economic Cooperation
(September 1946)
Winston Churchill's Zurich Speech
(formed May 1949)
The Council of Europe
(April 1951)
Th European Coal and Steel Community
Schuman Plan
(May 1950)
Treaty of Rome
(signed 1957, began 1958)
European Economic Community
(signed 1957, began 1958)
Fundamental argument: states are not only important actors in the international scene -> focus on supranational institutions and non-state actors as the real driving force behind regional integration efforts.
Fundamental argument: collective actions between states that doesn't impact on individual nation's sovereignty.
Common Agricultural Policy (CAP)
(introduced in 1962)
Charles De Gaulle
-first president of the Fifth French Republic (1958)
Oil Crisis 1973-74
-1973 Arab-Isreali War caused this
-promote low inflation, the small state, and free markets through tight control of the money supply, privatisation and constraints on the labour movement
Single European Act
-first revision of the Treaty of Rome,
Maastricht Treaty
(signed feb 1992)
Lisbon Treaty
(signed 2009)
White Paper on the Single Market
European Commission
-main role: initiate policy making, proposes legislation
acquis communautaire
-acquis meaning "that which has been agreed upon", and communautaire meaning "of the community".
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