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African Union:an African Solution to African Probl

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Rwanda Profile
1993 October - Tutsi soldiers assassinate President Ndadaye. In revenge, some Frodebu members massacre Tutsis and the army begins reprisals. Burundi is plunged into an ethnic conflict which claims some 300,000 lives.
(Beswick 2010, 745)
Rwanda's success in ending the Rwandan genocide and in training the Tutsi natives in the DRC, resulted in an effective militia with 32,000 soldiers strong, comprised of highly experienced combatants.
(Beswick 2010, 747)
In 2002, the Rwandan military representatives approached the Chief of Joint Operations at the Ministry of Defense (MOD) Permanent Joint Head Quarters in Northwood, London.
(Beswick 2010, 748)
First, the RPF came to power by virtue of military
(Pottier 1999, 202)
The crucial role of the RPF in ending the 1994 genocide provides the
(Beswick 2010, 746)
Rwanda's State Minister for
("Sudan Profile")
2003 February - Rebels in western region of Darfur rise up against government, claiming the region is being neglected by Khartoum.
(Copnall 2013)
ore than 1.4 million displaced people still rely on food handouts in camps throughout Darfur, and many others have fled the country.
We concluded that genocide has been committed in Darfur and that the government of Sudan and the Janjaweed bear responsibility and genocide may still be occurring, Mr Powell said.
(Cohen 2006, 52)
According to them, this policy of the African Union reflects the need for African problems to be solved with African solutions; the realization of how certain international partners—such as the U.S. and Great Britain—are unreli…
(African Union)
There are 54 members.
Democratic Republic of the Congo Profile
2002 July - Presidents of DR Congo and Rwanda sign a peace deal under which Rwanda will withdraw troops from the east and DR Congo will disarm and arrest Rwandan Hutu gunmen blamed for…
(Cohen 2006, 54)
Despite the encouragement from Condoleezza Rice, Congress refuses to renew a bill worth $50 million in aid towards the Darfur genocide.
African Solutions to African Problems
(Beswick 2010, 742) (Cohen 2006, 56)
(Cohen 2006, 55)
The creation of the UNAMID as a means to receive aid without relying on independent nations controlled by largely unreliable politics.
("UN warns")
Violence is increasing in Darfur over gold. Al-Bashir is indicted in ICC. Ban Ki Moon demands more mobility to perform peacekeeping missions in Sudan.
("Libya Profile")
2011 February - Arrest of human rights campaigner sparks violent protests in eastern city of Benghazi that rapidly spread to other cities, leading to escalating clashes between security forces and rebels. Gaddafi insists tha…
Loosely modeled on that of the EU
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Peace & Security Council set up
Peace & Security Council
May intervene in conflicts
Peacekeeping missions
Can be authorised by the Peace & Security Council
Military forces
Can be deployed by the Peace & Security Council in situations which include genocide & crimes against humanity
A sticking point
Member nations
Boost development, eradicate poverty & bring Africa into the global economy
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