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Domestic Politics & Foreign Policy

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particularistic interests
-interests held by businesses, ethnic minority groups, or individuals
rally effect
the tendency for people to become more supportive of their country's government in response to dramatic international events, such as crises or wars
diversionary incentive
the incentive that state leaders have to start international crises in order to rally public support at home
liberal democracies
competition and participation plus protection of individual civil and political rights (speech, religion, political association, press)
why dont democracies fight each other
interests and interactions: democracies produce different state interests and deal differently with each other
A government's responsibility to its population, usually by periodic popular elections and by parliament's having the power to dismiss the government by passing a motion of no confidence. In a political system characterized by accountabil…
small group decision-making in crisis:
-US made assumptions (al qaeda/WMD)
how does groupthink apply in iraq war
limited knowledge
public opinion - cant make knowledgeable decisions
the collection of organizations - including the military, the diplomatic corps, and the intelligence agencies - that carry out most tasks of goverance within the state
interest groups
groups of individuals with common interests that organize to influence public policy in a manner that benefits their members
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