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Karl Marx & Alexis De Tocqueville

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An economic system based on private ownership of capital
Marx Social Classes Feudalism
Lords-Owned means of production(Land.)
Marx Social Classes Capitalism
Bourgeoisie-Owns means of production(industry, business).
Marxian Revolution
The revolutionary class overthrows the class that owns the means of production and takes control of the means of production. When the revolutionary class takes control of the State(government), the government then owns the m…
Democracy in America
Alexis De Tocqueville Books
Communist Manifesto Opening Line
The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of class struggle.
Why is the socialist revolution inevitable?
Because of the dynamics of capitalist production. The competition for profits causes a decrease of successful capitalists and an increase in their wealth. The proletariat increases and becomes poorer. They unite as a class and seize power.
Greatest Human needs
Food and Shelter.
Liberty, equality and Freternity.
Ideals of the French Revolution
Catilist for the American and French Revolutions
New taxes on the revolutionary class with exemptions for the class that owned the means of production. This caused great anger.
Why are the proletariat "immiserated"?
Their wages decrease, their numbers increase(there are more of them) and their situation gets worse, not better. They get poorer and poorer.
Tocqueville's views consistent with Marx
The preconditions of revolution are structural (based on the relationship between the state and social classes). Different social classes have different ideas.
Tocqueville's views different from Marx
Tocqueville's view of class struggle is different from Marx. He saw it as a consequence of revolution, not as a cause of revolution.
Why does Tocqueville not like socialism?
Socialism takes away individuality and independence, 2 qualities found in the French Revolution.
Why are revolutions rare in Democracies?
Most citizens of democracies do not want anything to happen that will threaten their property and trade(the ability to make a living).
Tocqueville's thoughts on causes of revolution in the US
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