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Difficult but rewarding
to fight with difficulty for something
tuition fees
Money a student pays to a university
Money paid for a week’s work
end up
to find yourself in a place or situation that you did not intend or expect to be in
to turn to crime
to attempt to solve problems (e.g. financial) by engaging in criminal activity
describes someone who makes decisions for themselves independently, e.g. a learner
Relating to the connections and rapport built between other people, collocates with 'skills' and 'relations'
race for people on skis or in canoes along a winding course marked by poles
a person whose job is to drive a car, especially for somebody rich or important
to see a revival
to notice something that had declined begin to recover
to die out
something eventually stops exisiting, e.g. a language or species of animal
a dialect
A variety of a language spoken in a particular area which often has some distinct words and phrases as well as a different accent
to be under threat
to be in danger
the buying of products and the effects of many people doing so within a capitalist society
a school of thought
A well-established way of thinking about an idea
cultural sensitivity
knowledge of the kinds of things which are considered as acceptable within a culture
corporate culture
the culture associated with business
popular culture
the key aspects that comprise mainstream culture
cultural appropriateness
that which is acceptable within a given culture