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Les gens doivent prendre
people have to take
Quelquefois vous devez faire
sometimes you have to do
Je dois étudier
I have to study
J’ai dû étudier
I had to study
Elle doit améliorer
she has to improve
Elle a dû améliorer
she had to improve
Ils doivent ranger
they have to tidy
Ils ont dû ranger
they had to tidy
Elles doivent manquer
they have to miss
Elles ont dû manquer
they must have missed
Il a dû chercher ses enfants à la gare
he had to collect his children from the station
Il doit être fatigué
he must be tired
Vouloir + infinitive
to want to
Je veux
I want to
Tu veux
you want to
Il/elle/on veut
he/she/we want to
Je veux voyager
I want to travel
Il veut finir
he wants to finish
Tu veux essayer
you want to try
Elle veut prendre
she wants to take
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