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Red Wine (1 - 10) - Essentials

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A light, silky-textured and smooth wine with light tannins, a full body and high levels of acid, which is quite remarkable for red grape grown in a warm climate. Barbera wines can be paired with many types of dishes, but is frequently used as blending wine.
Cabernet Sauvignon
Recognised as one the best wines in the world. It is best combined with roasted, grilled or braised red meats and not normally paired with seafood, but would still work with meat-like fish such as yellowfin tuna. The Cab typically tastes like black currant, chocolate and even pencil lead.
Its taste is like a combination of berries, plums and spice. This wine is best combined with meat-based dishes.
Soft and has low acidity. Its flavours are a combination of black cherry and plum. You’ll enjoy Merlot with a wide variety of dishes like beef, tuna, salmon, squab, mushroom, goat cheese and meat sauces. However, it's advise to pair Merlot with most other fishes, crustaceans, pork and cream sauces.
Pinot Noir
This grape is known to be difficult to grow, but produces excellent, elegant red wine. Common varieties taste like black cherry or strawberry, but some come with smoky and earthy flavours. The wine is best paired with mildly prepared meats (i.e. grilled, sautéed or roasted), salmon and tuna.
Typically these grapes make medium to full-bodied wines with tannin structure ranging from medium-soft to firm. Dominate flavors associated with Sangiovese derived wines include: cherry, plum, strawberry, cinnamon and vanilla. There is often a herbaceous quality associated with these wines. As for acidity levels, this wine leans towards medium to high acidity content. The finish can range from elegant to bitter.
The wine flaunts flavours of black currants and blackberries, with a texture of dark chocolate and vanilla tannins, plus a hint of spice or truffle. Syrah or Shiraz works best with venison or beef steak.
Zinfandel is a robust red wine with flavours of blackberry and spice, with a hint of chocolate. Because of its full flavour, Zinfandel tastes best with spicy dishes.
Tannic, tarry wines of great breed and lasting power from southern Italy.
Hybrid. Undistinguished grape with highly coloured juice, teinturier.
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