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Red Wine (11 - 20)

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Baco Noir
Hybrid. Full-bodied, deep colour, smoky blackberry flavour.
Cabernet Franc
Usually blended with Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot. Medium-weight, herbaceous wines suggestive of violets and raspberries.
Widely planted, high yielding. Astringent table wine with good colour, used for blending.
Hot weather grape, deep colour and meaty flavour, low tannins. Good for blending.
de Chaunac
Hybrid. Acid, tough red, slightly smoky in flavour.
Deep-coloured, soft, fruity wine, not for ageing.
Garnet colour, light, dry wine tasting of raspberries.
Grape of Beaujolais. Fresh, fruity, light-bodied wines tasting of cherry and plums with peppery finish. Fast maturing.
Gamay Beaujolais
Hybrid; a crossing between Valdiguié and Pinot Noir. Not very distinguished. Fruity flavour, high acid.
Fruity, high alcohol, low tannins, soft. Good for rosé. Fast maturing.
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