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Assorted Ingredients for Cocktails

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An aromatized fortified wine flavored with various botanicals (roots, barks, flowers, seeds, herbs, spices).
An alcoholic beverage flavored with herbal essences that has a bitter or bittersweet flavor.
Named after the town of Cognac in France, is a variety of brandy. It is produced in the wine-growing region surrounding the town from which it takes its name, in the French Departements of Charente and Charente-Maritime.
Grand Marnier
An orange-flavored brandy liqueur created in 1880 by Alexandre Marnier-Lapostolle. It is made from a blend of Cognac brandy, distilled essence of bitter orange, and sugar. Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge is 40% alcohol (70 Proof in UK, 80 Proof in US).
A strong alcoholic beverage produced from apples, popular in the American colonial period.
A commonly used bar syrup, characterized by a flavor that is both tart and sweet, and a deep red color. It is popular as an ingredient in cocktails, both for its flavor and to give a reddish/pink tint to mixed drinks.
A brand of triple sec (an orange-flavoured liqueur) produced in Saint-Barthélemy-d'Anjou, France. It is drunk as an apéritif and digestif, and is a component of several well-known cocktails.
An alcoholic liqueur, considered an apéritif (20.5%, 21%, 24%, 25%, or 28% ABV, depending on the country in which it is sold), obtained from the infusion of herbs and fruit (including chinotto and cascarilla) in alcohol and water. It is a bitters characterized by its dark red color.
Club Soda
This is water into which carbon dioxide gas under pressure has been dissolved. This process, known as carbonation, is a process that causes the water to become effervescent. Carbonated water is the defining ingredient of carbonated soft drinks.
Bacardi Superior
Rum made by the Bacardi Company. In the US it is 80 proof, containing 40% abv (37.5% abv in the UK and Continental Europe). It is colourless and easy flowing and is thin in the body. This rum is mostly used to make cocktails calling for a white rum such as Cuba Libre, Daiquiri, Piña Colada, and Bacardi cocktail.
Creme de cassis
A sweet, dark red liqueur made from blackcurrants.
Scotch whisky
A malt whisky or grain whisky made in Scotland.
Apricot brandy
A liquor distilled from fermented apricot juice or a liqueur made from apricot flesh and kernels.
Eau de vie
A clear, colorless fruit brandy that is produced by means of fermentation and double distillation. The fruit flavor is typically very light.
Creme de cacao
This may be either clear or a dark caramel color, which is often labeled "dark crème de cacao." The French word "crème" refers to the creamy texture of this very sweet liqueur, but there is no actual dairy cream in it.
A sweet, almond-flavoured, Italian liqueur. It is made from a base of apricot pits or almonds, sometimes both.
A sweet herbal liqueur, created in 1896 by Italian distiller and brandy producer Arturo Vaccari of Livorno, Tuscany and named after Giuseppe Galliano, an Italian hero of the First Italo–Ethiopian War. Its vivid yellow color symbolizes the Gold Rushes of the 1890s.
Creme de menthe
A sweet, mint-flavored alcoholic beverage. Its flavor is primarily derived from Corsican mint. It is available commercially in a colorless (called "white") and a green version (which obtains its color from the mint leaves or from the addition of coloring, if extract and not the leaves are used to make the liqueur).
Ruby port
The cheapest and most extensively produced type of port.
A Italian sparkling wine; generally a Dry or Extra Dry wine; normally made from Glera ("Prosecco") grapes.
Angostru bitters
A concentrated bitters made of water, 44.7% alcohol, herbs and spices.
A sweet, golden coloured 40% ABV (80-proof) liqueur made from malt whisky, honey, herbs and spices.
Ginger ale
A carbonated soft drink flavored with ginger in one of two ways. The golden style is closer to the ginger beer original, and is credited to the American doctor Thomas Cantrell. The dry style (also called the pale style) is a paler drink with a much milder ginger-flavor to it, and was created by Canadian John McLaughlin.
A herbal liqueur beverage developed by Alexandre Le Grand in the 19th century and produced in France.
Cherry Heering
A liqueur flavored with cherries which is often referred to simply as Peter Heering or Cherry Heering in cocktail recipes.
A liquor made from fermented sugarcane juice.
Triple sec
A variety of Curaçao liqueur, an orange-flavoured liqueur made from the dried peels of bitter and sweet orange.
A sweet, bright-green-coloured, muskmelon-flavored Liqueur/cordial made by Suntory.
A liqueur flavored with the dried peel of the laraha citrus fruit, grown on the island of Curaçao.
A term that refers to any kind of strong alcoholic beverage.
This is modelled after a raspberry liqueur produced in the Loire Valley of France during the late 17th century.
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