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Bière de Garde
A traditional farmhouse ale from Northern France. This ale is fairly strong and malt-accented.
Blonde Ale
Brilliant light yellow to golden with a bleached white head. Is similar to a Pale Ale in terms of flavor, but its hop character is less assertive.
Brown Ales
Not too malty, not too thin, with subdued fruity and caramel-like flavors, these ales are mellow but flavorful. American versions tend to be more aggressively hopped.
Dry Irish Stout
A very dark, roasty beer with creamy mouthfeel. It’s more roasty-flavored and coffee-like than porter.
Brownish in color with spicy aromatics, this ale is the dark version of the very popular Bavarian-style Weizenbier (or Weissbier). Its unique aromatic profile includes clove, banana, and occasional
Flanders Brown/Oud Bruin
A well-aged, fruity, and sour Brown Ale from Flanders (Belgium). Dark reddish-brown in color, this malty beer exhibits fruity complexity, often reminiscent of raisins, plums, figs, dates, and prunes.
Flanders Red
A complex, sour, wine-like ale from Flanders in Belgium, this ale is traditionally aged in oak tuns for up to two years.
Foreign Stout
A very dark, moderately A strong, roasty ale.
A spontaneously fermented ale from the region near Brussels, Belgium. It’s a complex, pleasantly sour beer.
India Black Ale
A dark version of India Pale Ale. Caramel malt character and dark roasted malt flavor join to support aggressive hop presence.
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