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Lagers (11 - 15)

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Munich Helles
A pale (Helles means pale) lager, this is malty-sweet and clean on the palate.
Is the authentic beer from the Czech Republic that many American brand-name beers aspire to be: an aromatic, subtly malty, crisp, and refreshingly bitter (hoppy) lager.
This ale can range from a friendly campfire-like smokiness to an intense and acrid pungency. It’s definitely an acquired taste.
A regional specialty beer from northern Bavaria. It’s believed to be a variant of the Munich Dunkel style but darker and drier (less sweet) on the palate. Some people liken it to a black Pilsner.
Vienna Lager
Is the malty, amber-colored, medium-bodied cousin of Märzenbier. This ale is actually more abundant and visible in Mexico than its home country of Austria, due to Emperor Maximilian’s rule there.
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