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all had their hair entirely saturated with melting snow
у всех были мокрые от снега волосы
as far as I was aware
насколько я знала
asked, with unnecessary concern, how
спросил, с лишней заботой, как ...
at the thought of
при мысли о
before he could get his feelings hurt
до того, как он успел расстроиться
came to sit me in
подсел ко мне
changed quickly back into my
быстро снова переоделась в мою ...
couldn't get rid of the suspicion that
не могла избавиться от подозрения, что ...
couldn't help asking
не могла не спросить
couldn't totally suppress the worry that
не могла полностью подавить беспокойство, что ...
day was finally done
eyebrows knit together
face is so easy to read
flashing a set of
getting into their car
got ahead on my homework
groaned in unison
gunned my engine to life
had no practice dealing with
hand over the keys to the banquet hall
he sounded like he meant it
I decided to honor the bargain I'd made with myself
I decided to permit myself
I requested that I be assigned kitchen detail
I'd be willing to bet that
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