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chez Sammy
At Sammy's home
chez moi
At my home
The airport
The aquarium
The church
The hospital
The hotel
la banque
The bank
la bibliothèque
The library
la campagne
The countryside
la maison des jeunes
The youth center
la gare
The train station
la pharmacie
The pharmacy
la plage
The beach
la poste
The post office
la rue
The street
la ville
The city
le bureau
The office
le centre commercial
The mall
le cinéma
The movie theater
le gymnase
The gym
le magasin
The store
le musée
The museum
le parc
The park
le parc d’attractions
The amusement park
le quartier
The neighborhood
le restaurant
The restaurant
le stade
The stadium
le supermarché
The supermarket
le village
The town
le zoo
The zoo
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